Monday, March 20, 2017

TLHCA Minutes

Reminder that TLHCA minutes are posted at the following link:

The final January minutes have been added to the folder.

TLHCA - final January Minutes

Here are the approved minutes for the January meeting. 

TLHCA meeting March 20

TLHCA is meeting Tuesday March 21, 7pm, Westover Library meeting room.

Prelim agenda:

- County and School Budget processes
- Schools updates: options, boundaries, Reed, candidate forum
- VHC Edison Site: brief update on community meeting; not much new
- Lee Highway Alliance update
- other ongoing CA issues TBD: e.g water bills, etc.

- Neighborhood Day plans (May 13th)
- Neighborhood Conservation projects list

- Reminder: TLHCA elections will be in May

- New Issues - TBD